How To Play

  • You can now link a Weekly Quiz League to your Daily Quiz results and try win extra prizes on top of our monthly league prizes.

  • To Play

  • Play the Daily Quiz each day. You may play each Daily Quiz once
  • Once a weekly league had been selected…. Weekly quiz leagues run from Sunday 00:00am to Saturday 23:59pm
  • Before you begin, select a weekly league you would like your points to be added to (to try win extra prizes)
  • Weekly leagues run from Sundays to Saturdays every week
  • Once you have chosen your answer click submit in the time given to win points
  • Your points are added to a monthly leaderboard and to a weekly league that you have selected for additional prizes.
  • Once a weekly league has been selected and you have begun to play the daily quiz, your points for that day will be allocated to that weekly league and cannot be unselected.